Welcome to our official documentation!

The topics in this documentation are organized by sections and describe specific scenarios that you can use to be most successful in using the Weektron application.

1. Getting Started

How to get started using Weektron App?

This guide will help you get started with the all app options organized by app versions. All the important stuff like registering and makeing subscription, logging in and setting up your profile is documented here, but should you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to [email protected] or via ticketing system on our website.

1.1. Registration

Registration & Subscription goes through our website First choose Subscription plan (you can choose between monthly or annual plans), then add to cart and select quantity of them which mean how much months you want to be subcrubed. If you want full year subscription feel free to select annual plan for a bigger discount. Also you can add apply coupon code here if you have one (you can added lattley on checkout page).

Add to cart
Add to cart
coupon code
Add a coupon code

Proceed to checkout where you will be automatically registered on the site and app with same credentials as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Cart first screen
Cart first screen
Proceed to checkout
Proceed to checkout

On checkout page you need to fill out the billing details form with name & surname, company name, phone, email, etc. You can change some of them lately in a app profile settings. Here is also our Privacy policy agreement.

weektron checkout
Billing details

When you click on the place order button you will be redirected to payment getaway page from bank to add your card info like card number, cardholder name, exp. Month and year and CVV2/CVC2 code. After successful payment you will get email with your credentials. At any time after you can write to technical support to change your username or password. Also you can generate new password directly on app subdomain

1.2. Login

When you login first time with credentials which you got from email end app will go to terms screen as default home screen of the app.

Login form
Change Password

Click on the change password button and enter your username so that the new password will be sent to your email address.

change password
Change password form

1.3. Setup your profile


Here you can edit your profile settings like company name, business type, email phone number, address, avatar image, work days and work time.

weektron settings
Profile settings menu
weektron settings
Edit profile settings

Profile view

On view profile you can see your current settings and from that screen also you can go to edit profile setting via click on edit profile button.

weektron settings
Profile settings preview

2. Basic Usage

Here you can find some basic instructions for initial use of app. How to fill services and users database and how to make your first appointment in app. The application is divided into three basic sections - Users, Services and Terms. Every one of these sections have add, edit and delete options for every item in list. There is the possibility of searching by several criteria from the main list. You can also find some useful tuts video on our YouTube channel .

2.1. Add your services

The first time you open the service page you will get empty page and options to add your services and info about them like service name, price, duration in hours or minutes, genre type and description

weektron settings
Add your services

2.2. Add clients

Same as for services on first time you will get empty page and options to add your users information. You can add name & surname, genre, phone number, profile image and description.

weektron settings
Add your clients

2.3. Make your first appointment

To get started, you need to do the following:

Go to add new term button to open form for adding a new term in you busines schedule. First choose a customer and services type will be filtered by genre of customer. For a date you can choose only work date from profile info, as work time and set some note for that appointment.

No active appointment
No active appointment
Add new appointment
Add new appointment

2.4. Archive terms

All appointments whose dates have passed and have not been previously deleted are here. There you can filter them or delete them forever.

weektron settings
Terms archive

3. Customizing

This section shows options for editing and/or deleting services, users and appointments. The principle is exactly the same for all three groups, which is one of the reasons why Weektron is very simple but efficient and easy to use.

3.1. Edit or delete service

For edit you have the a same form fields like in add service, except in this case the field is filled with that service info which you wiil select. You can delete any service on the service list page by clicking on the delete icon and confirming the action on modal.

delete service from list
Delete service direct on services list
edit or delete service
Edit or delete service on edit screen

3.2. Edit or delete clients

To edit or delete users from the client database the procedures are the same as for service and should be repeated.

edit or delete client
Edit or delete client on edit screen

3.3. Edit or delete appointment

The same procedure as with the previous two types of list (service and user lists). Unless the due date has passed and you haven\'t yet deleted it, then the appointment will be automatically transferred to the archive list.


Can't find what you're looking for?

If you have some troubleshooting to login or use some of the listed functionality options and settings e-mail us to [email protected] or open a ticket on our technical support page ( you can be logged into the website with your credentials or feel free to submit a ticket as a guest ).